Select a specific site outside in your yard you have already designated as his. He'll soon associate it with bathroom breaks. Visit it often. It's best to take your new dog outside about every two hours, as well as upon waking, after playing and feeding and before going to bed. In addition, be alert to signals like sniffing and circling that may indicate he has to go.

For his new home, your new puppy will need a place he can call his own. You may want to purchase a crate. The crate will be used to housebreak your Bullie, a safe place for your puppy when you are away, and a place for your puppy to sleep. As soon as your puppy is let out of it's crate take it outside and do not allow it to come back in until it goes. (A little praise goes a long way.) Most all dogs will not soil where they sleep if they are let out often enough. If you don't want a crate for your new puppy, a nice doggie bed will do just fine as long as you are still able to confine your puppy. Correct him kindly. Accidents will happen. Remember that shouting, scolding and punishment serve no purpose and will only confuse your dog. Even if you catch him in mid-act, simply say "No!" and immediately take him outside. Praise him. Lavish praise on your dog each time he goes outside in his assigned spot. Speak in an upbeat voice, smile and reward him with treats after he does his business. 

We have had really good success with Purina Second Nature Dog Litter for starting the housebreaking process.  You can check out their website with all of the information and instructions and watch the video at, or you can call for a DVD training video and coupons at 1-800-778-3206. 

(You may also choose to use "doggie diapers/panties" until your puppy is housebroke).

You will want to feed a good puppy food four times a day until he is three months of age. From three to six months of age feed three times a day. From six to twelve months of age feed two times a day. Switch your Bulldog to adult dog food at 12 months of age. Continue to feed twice a day. Always have plenty of water available for your Bulldog all the time. Feed puppy food that is all natural. Do Not Feed Soy! Some Bulldogs are allergic to soy. When soy filler is mixed with water it will expand and can cause gastric tortion that may be fatal to your Bulldog. Follow the amount recommended on the bag of food and adjust it to your feeding schedule. 

Chew Toys
All new puppies will chew on most anything. Purchase safe chew toys for your puppy. These toys should be almost indestructible. You will want to teach your new puppy what he is allowed to chew on. Never buy your puppy any toy he can swallow or get stuck in his throat. Nylon chew toys are safe and are available at most all pet stores. Chew toys will help in your Bullies' dental hygiene. Don't give your bulldog puppy rawhide sticks, pig ears and pig hooves. These are not safe chew toys for a bulldog.  We use the Kong chew toys, treats/bones that they can chew up - - mine love the Biljac chewable treats, and the bones they can really dig their teeth into, but that doesn't splinter off. 

Bulldogs overheat easily. This can be from the temperature, excitement, exercise, or stress. Bulldogs can die from heat exhaustion. Whenever you and your Bulldog are out in warm weather, take water with you. If you are going to be out for a while, take along ice and lemon juice. If your bulldog begins to overheat and starts to bring up phlegm you must act quickly to cool him down. Get your bullie out of the heat. Squirt lemon juice into his mouth to clear away the phlegm. Put a wet towel on him and keep him calm. If your bulldog goes down from heat exhaustion, and his tongue turns blue, wet him with cold water or cool him with ice. Lay him in ice or cool water if you can. You must bring his body temperature down.

Bulldogs have elongated palates and sometimes vomit or bring up phlegm. This is normal. If your bulldog is doing it constantly when he is not overheated or excited, consult your vet.

Bulldogs are not natural swimmers. Never leave your Bulldog unattended near water.  Get a doggie life jacket if you will be around water.   Avoid getting water in their nose. 

Antifreeze, chocolate, onions, certain lawn chemicals, rodenticides.  Never give your dogs grapes, raisins, chocolate, onions or macadamia nuts as they can prove deadly to your dog. 

Face wrinkles
Keep your Bullie's wrinkles clean and dry. Wipe all of the folds on his face with a baby wet wipe daily to keep them clean and dry.  The alcohol agent in the wet wipe will keep it dry.  Once they are dry, you can also sprinkle in some Gold Bond medicated powder, if needed.  Bag  Balm or Vaseline on his nose will keep it from drying out and cracking. 

Your new puppy will require an initial series of four vaccinations. Yearly boosters are required after the initial series. Follow your veterinarian's recommendations. Your Vet will tell you what the State Law is requiring for rabies vaccination.

This is only a guide to help you with your new Best Friend. Any major life threatening problems should immediately be referred to your veterinarian.
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Teresa Deer
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Hi Teresa, 

Took these pics the other day.  I'm proud of our little Odie (ha ha) nothing really little bout him. Thought you'd like to see how pretty he is. He is all bully, has a little attitude but he loves me and we have a special bond.  He's the greatest.

Thanks again. Sheila