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We regularly get questions from our new bulldog parents about recommendations for the best products and supplies for their new puppy, so we've created this awesome store where you can purchase all of your basic pet supplies including foods, treats, bowls, carriers and more.  Of course our bulldog owners have discriminating tastes, so we've also provided a shop with all the Bulldog Bling you can imagine including gift items for dogs and dog lovers, things like jewelry, fancy collars, luxurious dog beds, holiday gifts and more - - - oh my, what a lucky dog!  

We want to be your "ONE STOP SHOP" for everything you need for your pets, delivered directly to your home.  If you don't see what you need, contact us and we'll do our best to locate and add it for you.

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What dog foods do you recommend?
How about feeders? What's the best dog bowl?
What about crates.  Do you prefer a hard-sided crate or a wire kennel?
Sometimes I need my puppy to stay in - or out of - one room. What do you recommend?
Which is better, a collar or a harness for my new puppy?
I'm looking for the typical bulldog stud collar.  Where can I find one?
Does my puppy need vitamins?
My dog is shedding.  What brush do you recommend?
My dog's toenails are thick.  How do I clip them?
How about a nice, soft bed. Do you have any that you recommend?
I need reference materials.  How about books and magazines?
Smelly dog - time for a bath.  What's your favorite bullie shampoo?
How do I remove my dog's tear stains?  How do I clean his face wrinkles? His ears?
My dog had an injury or is having joint problems. What do you suggest?
I understand your customers are raving about a new dog shampoo. Will you share the secret?
Most people prefer a hard-sided crate to use to transport their dog. For housebreaking or confining your dog, either a hard-sided crate or a wire kennel is fine. Wire kennels provide good ventilation, as well as allowing you to see your dog, while the solid walls of a hard-sided crate provide privacy that some puppies prefer for nap time.
We've talked to some people who are using the exercise pens in their bathroom or laundry rooms while they are at work to give the puppy room to play and run around, with the crate door open inside the exercise pen for a nap, and an area with either the litter pans, puppy pads or newspapers for elimination. Puppies usually do this in one section of their area and go back to that same area for elimination when you leave that scent.and there are soft-sided crates as well as beautiful decorative crates that coordinate with your room's decor.

Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra
At Country Estate Bulldogs, we use and recommend NuVet Plus vitamin supplements for dogs. Each puppy we sell goes to its new home with samples and a brochure about NuVet Labs.
  • Bullies and their owners love The FURminator deShedding Tool . Reduces shedding up to 90%. Your pets will thank you. Your sofa will thank you.

  • Or consider these.
  • Finishing Touch Medium Slicker Brush for Dogs

  • Four Paws Love Glove

  • To trim your dog's nails, you need a heavy-duty, sharp nail trimmer made especially for dogs, like this one.
    Nail Trimmer Kit Blue (Dogs up to 50 lbs)
    Precision Pen Fold & Carry
    Rattan Pet Residence
    Traditional stud collar
    Here are some dog beds we like. Looking for something a bit more elegant? Check out our "Dog Beds Fit for Kings and Queens" on our Bulldog Bling! page.
    Looking for reference material?  There are several books and magazines that we like and recommend for bulldog owners.  You can see our favorites on our "Squidoo" page, here
    Here are some great grooming products.

    Micro-Tek Pet Shampoo and Pet Spray. Micro-Tek is an odor eliminator and lasts for such a long time.

    For tear stains, try Diamond Eye tear stain remover or use Angels' Eyes on a daily basis. Eye Ease, I-Stain, as well as Stain Free Under Eye Cover Cream are also products we recommend.

    Use doggy wipes like these to clean your puppy's face wrinkles.

    AloCetic Ear Rinse is a nice antiseptic, alcohol-free cleanser for your dog's ears or you can choose from other ear products here. If your dog has black-looking dirt in his ears, he could have ear mites. Performer Ear Mite Killer may be what you need in this situation.
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    Synovi G3 Soft Chews for your dog's joint health
    We recommend Synovi G3 Soft Chews. Synovi G3 helps with healthy development of hips and joints as bulldogs grow so fast. It is especially good if your dog has gotten an injury, or as a dog gets older it really helps to get them active again. It comes highly recommended from our Vets for any joint problems.
    • Comprehensive supplement for superior joint health in dogs and cats
    • Nutritional supplement offering chondroprotective agents natural anti-inflammatories and powerful antioxidants
    • Formulated with glucosamine and perna canaliculus for improved joint health msm to relieve inflammation and creatine monohydrate for enhanced energy
    Synovi G3 Soft Chews, 120 Count
    SAVE! Synovi G3 Soft Chews, 240 Count
    Happy Tails Bubbles 'N Beads Shampoo

    Hi Teresa:

    We found these very good Bubbles 'N Beads products that we get at Happy Tails, I sure wish you would put them on your website so I could just order them on-line and have them delivered to my house. It really makes Tootsie smell so nice, and her hair looks so shiny and soft.

    Angel from California

    Happytails' all-natural shampoo contains exclusive micro-beads packed with conditioning vitamins for a healthier, shinier, more lustrous coat.
    Happy Tails Bubbles N Beads Shampoo